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Ignoring Digital is not an option

Traditional companies will quickly fall behind in today’s disruptive environment if they do not embrace digital and new ways of working.

At the same time, digital companies, typically the disrupters, grow quickly but can struggle to scale sustainably if matters regarding their People & Organization have not been addressed.

Change is not slowing down, and technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain are continuing an unprecedented wave of disruption.

The most common mistake is to focus efforts only on Technology

Achieving the benefits of Digital is heavily dependent on the readiness of the organization and workforce.

People and Organization ability to adopt and adapt has become the bottleneck for growth

The key Barriers and Enablers are Leadership, Organization & Eco-systems, Mindsets & Behaviors, Skills & Capabilities, Employee Experience  and Process & Governance.

Getting this right requires targeted and specific interventions

Targeted at both traditional companies undergoing a Digital Transformation and new digital companies that are growing, the proprietary BEADT method starts with an assessment that identifies the specific barriers and enablers related to your People and Organization.

Barriers and Enablers to Digital Transformation

Using the inputs from this assessment, nepf’s proven tools will target and address the key barriers and enablers that hold back your organization from achieving it’s goals in a digital world.

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